Composers at work

A sequence capturing something of the teaching styles of Somei Satoh, Tansy Davies, John Woolrich, Peter Maxwell-Davies, Judith Weir, Kurt Schwertisk, Huw Watkins, Oliver Knussen, Richard Baker, Thomas Adès, Louis Andriessen, Harrison Birtwistle, Dominic Murcott, Detlev Glanert and Peter Wiegold.

Peter Maxwell Davies with composition class in 2008.

Somei Satoh 2009.

Tansy Davies with the New Century Players from Calarts in California.

A bench of composers, including Martin Bauer, Tansy Davies, the late David Bedford, John Woolrich and Pavel Novak.

Judith Weir Composition course – Kathryn Tickell, player of Northumbrian small pipes and fiddle was part of the group and can be seen on the left.

Austrian composer Kurt Schwertsik with composition students.

Huw Watkins and Oliver Knussen

Richard Baker, composer and conductor studied composition in the Netherlands with Louis Andriessen and in London with John Woolrich. Following the early death of Duncan Prescott the clarinettist in 2011, Woolrich invited Baker to contribute a short solo piece for a memorial concert to be held at Dartington Summer School for Duncan Prescott the clarinettist. The photos show the rehearsal of ‘Keening’, for solo bassoon, with Sarah Burnett, Prescott’s colleague who performed the piece.

Thomas Adès

Louis Andriessen the Dutch composer and pianist, photographed in 1995. He studied with Luciano Berio in Milan and inspired the formation of the British ensemble Icebreaker. On the right of the photograph is Joby Talbot, the British composer who has written in a broad range of styles including instrumental and vocal concert music, film and television scores, pop arrangements and works for dance including collaborating with current Royal Ballet Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor.

Harrison Birtwistle

Dominic Murcott is a composer, percussionist, curator and educator based in London. Much of his work combines acoustic instruments with computer work and other media. He is Head of Composition at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Detlev Glanert is a German composer of operas, who has also composed numerous works for chamber and full orchestra, including three symphonies. He studied under Hans Werner Henze in Cologne for four years.

Peter Wiegold has long been an innovator on the British music scene, with a history of looking radically at all aspects of the process of music making. In particular, he has been a pioneer of and leading exponent of bringing together composition, improvisation and conducting.